Website Packages

Starter Website

We recommend the starter website for all of our new clients to explore the potential of the Drupal Content Management System. Your website will use pre-configured modules for quick deployment of website functions.

Ecommerce Sales Website

We recommend the ubercart module for our ecommerce clients.  Ubercart is smart, reliable, robust with quick deployment. Includes online product catalog and order processing system.

Virtual Office 

Migrate your data and reports to a secure and universally accessible system, giving you better access to your data. We will build a database and report based on your current system (ie. spreadsheets, web based system, accounting packages, etc.)

Social Publishing Website

Build your website with collaborate tools, aggregate news and customized displays.  

Choose from a variety of modules for inter-communication and social publishing

Art and Music Website

We can build multimedia websites to broadcast your music and art. You can choose from some of the following features: music broadcast and download, embed videos, ecommerce, slide shows or any thing you want!

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