Build a Virtual Office

Our websites allow communities and organizations to create content and interact on the website. A virtual office allows you to work anywhere there is an internet connection. We can then help your organization broadcast your stories, blogs, products and services. We create online business management, database and human resource tools that allow your organization to work virtually.

Ask us how we can help you grow your organization. There are hundreds of drupal modules for inter-communication to choose from. We will help you choose, install and configure any of the following features: We can help your website grow in an organic way with the following website functions:

  • eNewsletters
  • members voting, polls and elections
  • event calendar and signups
  • online databases and libraries
  • employee timesheets
  • collaboration and information sharing
  • central storage or documents, project information, educational materials and templates
  • common, interactive calendars and event registration
  • ability to embed multimedia (i.e. images and videos)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your virtual office will have the following collaboration tools:

  • local and regional discussion forums
  • live chat rooms
  • survey and poll tools
  • area for posting online education and training opportunities